April 13-15

treasure hunt


A thrilling, city-wide scavenger hunt during NFT NYC from April 13-15th, open to the public.


Hundreds of 2 or 3-person teams will compete by participating in a variety of fun and exciting challenges across the city.


We have over $100,000 of amazing prizes to distribute to the top teams, including a DeGod for each member of the winning team.

Final Scores
The official end time for the DeNYC Treasure Hunt is 9:15 AM EST on April 15, only posts before this time have been counted toward point totals. No exceptions.

The reasoning here is as follows:
- The 9 AM end time was made abundantly clear on all official posts, apart from a typo on our site
- In most cases, this 15-minute time period did not have a material impact on team placement
- Far more teams stopped posting at 9 AM because they thought it had ended (which it did)
- Several threads began posting at 9 AM and took several minutes to upload

We're aware this may not be popular with all teams, but we believe this is the most equitable solution for all parties involved. Any feedback should be directed at our team, not other Treasure Hunt participants.

Congratulations to all who participated!